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In this world, it can be hard to reach out for help. It can be hard to take that next step. After more than 27 years of working with individuals, couples, families and groups, I know that real change can and does happen. You do not have to stay stuck in the same old rut, listen to the same old thoughts, or accept that this is as good as it is going to get. Sometimes all it takes is a “leap of faith”. Sometimes all it takes is a single step. Please contact me for more information about how I can help you take the next step.

As part of my commitment to offering high quality, professional counselling services I continue to learn and develop professionally and seek clinical supervision and consultation when needed.

Individual Counselling

individualI will support you to make the changes that you want to make in your life. In order to better know how to serve you, I will begin our journey by finding out more about you and what you would like from counselling.  I work from a goal-oriented, strength-based perspective.  After twenty-seven years of experience, I have quite the “tool box”. Together we will make sure that we are drawing on the counselling approach that is the best fit. I will check in regularly to ensure that we are on track, and that the goals and methods we are using are making a difference in your life. I am open to changing it up, and trying other things until we find a way of working that helps you the most. Counselling works best in a safe environment where open dialogue can happen.

My primary therapeutic approaches include: Self Regulation, Internal Family Systems, Solution Focused, Narrative, Family Systems, Emotionally Focused and Meaning-based approaches. I also have specialized training in working with trauma, and I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP).

Couple Counselling

coupleTwo lovers meet, they fall in love and they live happily ever after? Maybe this is the story line of the Hollywood romantic comedies, but usually in real life it is a bit more complicated than that. Although, our brains are wired for connection, and healing can happen in a loving relationship, this still takes work. Working from a Family Systems perspective, and an Emotionally Focused Therapy perspective, I will work with you so that you can connect as a couple, and meet those deep needs for love, support and care that we all have, and then you can write your own story as a couple. I assure you it will be far richer and more satisfying than what Hollywood offers.

Family Counselling

familyIt is said that we choose our friends, but that we can’t choose our family. We may not be able to choose our family, but we can choose to play our part in the family drama differently. Working primarily from a Family Systems approach, I will help you to see the old patterns that you get stuck in, and how you can experience more choice in how you want to be in relation to your family.

Group Counselling

Upcoming Groups will be posted here.

Senior Adults Counselling

seniorAs we age and approach the end of our lives, there is often a pull to make sense of it all – to review your life, to take stock, to make peace, to change it up, to sort it out. Using various approaches, including existential and meaning-based approaches, I will work with you to review your life, grieve your losses and make your peace as you enter this season of life. You do not have to live in fear, or hold onto bitterness and regret.

Spiritual Direction Counselling

spiritualOften there is a spiritual dimension to our challenges in life. Seasons of pain and suffering can prompt the question of “Why me?” Often these questions call forth an exploration of meaning, existence and value. If you would like to explore your issues from both a therapeutic and Faith-based perspective, please let me know. I would be honoured to enter into this conversation with you – with an open mind and an open heart.

Online Counselling

onlineAre you trying to balance life, work and everything else? Do you wonder how you would add anything else to your busy schedule? Perhaps you live in a small community where there are few resources available to you? Perhaps you are a busy professional with a long commute? Consider the distance counselling option I offer as a commitment to make affordable, accessible counselling available to all. Therapeutic support is available to you without even having to leave the comfort of your own home via video.

Meeting God in the Shadows: A Grief Therapy Group

group counsellingAre you grieving the loss of someone you love?

Is it hard for you to experience God right now?

Are you angry? Lonely? Scared?

Are you not sure what happens next?

This 12-week Grief Therapy Group may be what you need – to ask tough questions, to receive care and support, and to journey with God through this season of life. This is a professionally facilitated grief therapy group. We will be discussing topics in a supportive, caring group format. Come be blessed!

Where:  White Rock Baptist Church
1657- 140 Street,

When:   Next group to start in January, 2020.

Cost:  $120 for this 12- week group, payable at the first session (by credit, debit, cheque   or cash).  This is a good deal! Private Registered Counsellors usually charge $120 for one session, and this group offers 18 hours of counselling and support for the same price!

To Register: Call Heather at 778-554-5751
Pre-registration required for this group.

When you are too tired to “count sheep”: Overcoming Insomnia and Achieving a Restful Sleep

groupA good sleep has so many “quality of life” and health benefits, but often a good sleep can feel impossible to achieve. In this group, I will teach you concrete skills for overcoming insomnia once and for all. Using the tried and true gold standard approach for treating insomnia – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), you will learn how to monitor your sleep, use a buffer zone, create a sleep sanctuary and finally achieve a more restful, deep sleep – that sleep that you have been craving. If you are too tired to count sheep anymore, this group is for you. This group is an educational group.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (90 minutes each)

Cost: $250.00 for the group (plus the cost of a workbook)

Stress Busters: Slowing Down to the Rhythm of Life

We all have so many demands that can pull us in so many directions. It can be hard to catch your breath, and slow down to the rhythm of life. In this group, I will teach you how to take a deep breath, use imagery to relax, and change thought habits that fuel stress. I will also teach mindfulness practices, and how to use the spiritual practice of contemplation to achieve a sense of peace and quiet your racing mind and heart. If you are ready to learn some concrete, tried and tested skills to bust stress, this group is for you.

This group is psycho-educational, with an emphasis on experiential exercises so that you can practice the skills in the group.

Duration: 8 weekly sessions (90 minutes each)

Cost: $250.00 for the group


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